Louvre's and Mid Rails

Co-ordinated Mild Rail

Reinforced Aluminium Insert

Additional Components

Stile Insert
The re-enforced aluminium is used in all panels to create a stronger engineered structured shutter.

Louvre Insert
Similarly to the stile insert, the louvre insert is used to strengthen the louvre blade for those larger openings or exterior applications.

Louvre Pin
This self lubricating pin is a key component within the Cleartilt System.

Frames & Applications


The L-Frame can be used as a reveal mounting frame or placed onto a wall or architrave and used as a face mounting frame. For a reveal mount option, there is a very strong likelihood caulking will be required. This is due to the vast majority of windows not being square and deductions are made to fit the frame to the reveal.

“Face or reveal – all options covered”


Perhaps our most popular framing option, this is a reveal only frame. Superb for that slightly out of square window, as the ”Z Wings” cover any gaps up to 10mm. Therefore the shutter can be easily installed; your fitter needs no gap filling time and can move straight onto the next window or job.

“Keeps your fitting cost down”


The T-Post is a frame option used in multiple hinged panel situations. Ideally the T-Post is placed in front of any Window Mullion, providing a clear view through the shutter. The T-Post is screwed directly onto the frame and has the added effect of firming up the frame.

“Allows a single frame multi panel option”


The U-Channel is often used in wall cut-outs, between adjoining rooms, or also when an easy removing option is required. This is a simple operation of lifting the shutter into the top U Channel and then dropping the bottom of the shutter into the bottom U-Channel (just like your normal glass sliding windows). This is also used in situations where hinging is not an option, such as behind a tap in a kitchen.

“Ease of access option”


The mounting strip framing can be used for a number of applications. It is used in conjunction with bent leaf hinges, or as beading to act as alight block with no frame shutters, or even as packing in some instances.

“Multi purpose framing”

Top Track

Carrier Wheels

Top Pivot

Spring Loaded
Bottom Guide

Bottom Track


Bottom Fivot

Bi-Fold Fascia & Pelmet

Type 1

1. Pelmet for Bifold Face Fit. Facia 100mm high x 10mm. A 45mm deduction will be made for the roller.

2. 42 x 42 Mounting Black

3. 19mm Headboard


Type 2

1. Pelmet for Bi-fold Reveal Fit. Facia 54mm high x 10mm. A 64mm deduction will be made for the roller and headboard.

2. 199mm Headboard.

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