• 15 Year Transferable Warranty – The INSPIRE Warranty is transferable to the new owners if you sell your home, ensuring a true asset gain.
• Reduces Energy Costs - Being a superb insulator, this product will assist reducing your heating and airconditioning costs.
• Made From Non Toxic, Recycled Materials - No toxins are used in the recycled material used to produce INSPIRE Shutters.
• Guaranteed not to Crack, Warp, Shrink or Discolour – Manufactured from our unique Polymer Foam, the INSPIRE product is suitable for all areas inside the home.
• Easy Care - A simple wash regularly with warm soapy water and your INSPIRE Shutters will be as good as new.
• Cleartilt Mechanism - This system allows effortless operation of the louvre’s with no possibility of loose and annoying connectors breaking and disabling your new INSPIRE Shutters.
• Water Resistant - Perfectly suited for bathrooms, kitchens or any “wet”areas, INSPIRE will not swell, warp or crack.
• Insulates 3 Times Greater Than Timber - With a great R-Value, this will reduce the
heat coming in during summer as well as keep the warmth in over winter.
• Dents Can Be Warmed Out - Minor dents can usually be “warmed out”
using applied warmth.


Inspire Plantation Shutters are produced in a facility in Stapylton, QLD, owned and operated by the Ozroll group. The Ozroll group is an Australian manufacturer; family owned with a passion for developing environmentally friendly home improvement products.


Inspire Installation Techniques