There is a wide range of factors to consider when purchasing some new plantation shutters for your home. One of them is the installation type. There are several different ways in which our solutions can be installed in your home. It is important to know what you need when you place your order so we can deliver the right components and parts.

Plantation Shutters in a Bay Window

Many people who consider purchasing a solution for their bay windows have concerns about whether the product will fit nicely into the space. They also wonder whether the install process will be too challenging, difficult or stressful.

Fortunately, our plantation shutters are designed to be a versatile and durable solution that can fit into a wide range of spaces. In most scenarios, our options will be flexible enough.

Other Plantation Shutter Types

As well as the variations and factors we have discussed, there are four distinct types of designs that we have on offer here at INSPIRE.

Hinged Configurations

Hinged panels are the most popular choice as they’re not only used on windows, but they can also be added to doorway openings. This will depend on the material type and application of each individual opening.

  • Minimum height for hinged configurations is 350mm; maximum is 2900mm.
  • Minimum width is 152mm; maximum varies on the height.
  • 750mm for panels under 1500mm high and 650mm for over 1500mm high.

Bi-Fold Configurations

It is possible to connect directly onto another panel. This is called Bi-fold or Hinged Bi-fold.


Sliding configurations are generally used to cover a doorway. Their main attraction is their ease of use, and less intrusion into the room when operated than 90° bi-folds. It is very rare that there is enough room inside a window space to accommodate 2 or more sets of tracks, and therefore sliding panels are not generally applied to these openings.

Fixed Varieties

Fixed panels are not completely fixed, they are actually semi-fixed. These are generally used as a covering for windows that don’t open (glass only with no track) or used as a divider for privacy when no Hinged, Bi-Fold or Sliding is required.

Fixed installs are common in spots where openings are blocked or obstructed, such as behind a sink in a kitchen. They have a maximum height of 2900mm and a maximum width of 900mm.

For all further enquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today.

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