Install Types


Hinged panels are the most popular shutters because not only are they used on windows but they can be installed in doorway openings depending on the material type and application of each individual opening.
The minimum panel height for hinged panels is 350mm.
The maximum panel height for hinged panels is 2900mm.
The minimum panel width for hinged panels is 152mm.
The maximum panel width varies on the panel height.
750mm for panels under 1500mm high and 650mm for panels over 1500mm high.


It is possible to hinge a panel directly onto another panel. This is called Bi-fold or Hinged Bi-fold.


Sliding panels are generally used to cover a doorway. Their main attraction is their ease of
use, and less intrusion into the room when operated than 90°bi-fold shutters. It is very rare that there is enough room inside a window opening to accommodate 2 or more sets of tracks, and therefore sliding panels are not generally applied to a window opening.


Fixed panels are not completely fixed, they are actually semi-fixed. These are generally used as a window covering for windows which do not open (glass only with no track) or used as a divider for privacy when no Hinged, Bi-Fold or Sliding is required.

Fixed panel installs are common in spots where opening panels are obstructed, such as behind a sink in a kitchen.

Fixed panels have a maximum height of 2900mm and a maximum width of 900mm.

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