Z frame plantation shutters have a special trimming that helps prevent light leakage into your room. This treatment uses a particular frame that is installed around the window. It is in the shape of a Z, with part of the tail going behind the products themselves. This design helps prevent light leakage and improves privacy. Aesthetically, these solutions provide a flusher design than L or U-frames.

These designs are extra effective at containing light in a room and helping to reduce light leakage significantly compared to the standard shape. This treatment has the additional benefit of not interfering with the function of your product. This style will still allow for opening and closing the louvres, making them a functional choice for homeowners while minimising light leakage and ultimately improving insulation and heat retention in winter.

Our Range of Z Frame Shutters

If you're concerned about privacy, then we recommend that you ask about Z frames. They are thicker than the standard options and provide a lip that prevents any gaps between the window pocket. If you need maximum privacy, we recommend selecting them for your room.

One of our most popular questions is what these products can do for noise control. Compared to regular alternatives, they can effectively reduce noise from outside, making them a popular choice for bedrooms. This is because noise reduction is far easier with thicker frames, and the z-shaped design helps eliminate any gaps around the panels.

Discover the Best Price

As with anything, the price you pay will depend on several factors, including size, material, and hardware. However, the unique design of the Z frame will usually increase the price compared to standard L or U-shape.

What We Do

Z frames are a design that reflects the premium nature of our company. If you're looking for superior light blocking abilities, increased privacy, and good soundproofing, then this is the best choice for you. Ultimately, whether you choose this or a different option comes down to preference.

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